baby cot attached to bed Baby cot attached to bed

It could even give you a few extra hours of valuable sleep per day! They are larger in size, designed to grow with your baby and come in a huge range of colours and styles. Cots usually have wooden side bars and their height can be adjusted.

Dreaming hand in hand! Take as many measurements as necessary to determine this.

Many cots are manufactured with drop-sides for even easier access. When purchasing a cot, make sure it complies with industry standards. The bars should be spaced correctly between 2. I can personally recommend these as it was easier to get my daughter off to sleep with a bit of gentle rocking. They are so easy to install — just screw them onto the legs of the cot to rock your baby to sleep. The cot rockers turn a rigid cot into a cot that can be rocked. The Bassinet A bassinet, also known as a cradle, a co-sleeper or a bed nest, is smaller and more lightweight than the traditional cot.

A bedside bassinet is a great option. The Baby Nest Baby nests are growing in popularity for newborn babies. They are small, portable and comfortable pillow-like nests that envelop your baby in a thermally controlled environment.

Baby nests are produced by several designers but can be pricey. I decided to sew my own baby nest. This was great to use for daytime naps in the living room as well as for night time in the cot beside my bed. My daughter slept well in the baby nest but outgrew it when she was 4 months old. It has now been recovered and handed on to her little cousin. A baby nest can be used to let a baby sleep safely between the parents. Safety Precautions Whatever type of bed you choose for your baby, keep it out of direct sunlight and away from the bedroom window.

You should also make sure that the bed is well clear of any hanging cords or curtains. Cot bumpers are attractive and might reduce injury caused by your baby bumping his head against the bars or getting a limb stuck between them. However, I would advise against using bumpers, as they may increase the risk of suffocation, entanglement or strangulation.

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  • Keep the cot away from hanging curtains, cords and direct sunlight. Cot bumpers are not recommended. Choosing a Mattress There are two basic types of baby bed mattresses: Foam mattresses are lightweight and cost-effective, though they vary in density and quality.

    Denser foam mattresses regain their shape faster when weight pressure is removed. Innerspring mattresses are usually more durable, firmer and more expensive. Some mattresses are filled with organic materials, which may be a desirable alternative to the typical flammable or toxic compounds and chemicals used to manufacture standard foam and innerspring mattresses. I would be wary of buying a second-hand mattress unless you know the person you are buying it from.

    The mattress should come from a non-smoking household and should have been stored in a clean, dry place. A mattress from a smoking household will have absorbed third-hand cigarette smoke. A mattresses stored in damp or dark places carry an increased risk of containing mould or bacteria. General Safety Concerns Whatever mattress you purchase, make sure it is as firm as possible.

    The mattress should be firm. The mattress size should match the size of the cot so that no gap exists between the edge of the mattress and the side of the cot. Suitable cot mattresses are usually labelled with a certificate of compliance with safety standards.

    baby cot attached to bed Baby cot attached to bed

    If the surface is too soft, or deflates during the night, your baby could suffocate. Pillows and Blankets and Toys in the cot. Pillows are not recommended for children under the age of two: Pillows introduced after this point should be small and firm. In neonatal intensive care units, they sometimes roll up a towel to prop up tiny babies on one side to stop them from lying on their fronts.

    There are special pillows that you can buy for this purpose. This is really helpful if your little one has reflux or has a cold. All about Bed Sheets Cotton sheets are a popular choice for baby beds.

    They usually come in pure cotton, cotton jersey or cotton flannelette for cold nights. For babies who are particularly sensitive to allergies or illness, you can buy anti-allergy bed sheets that offer more protection against dust mites, bacteria or mould.

    Make sure your fitted sheet is stretchy, snug and fits your cot well. Swaddle, Blanket or Sleeping Bag? Cellular blankets are popular choices for cots because they are breathable, lightweight and warm.

    Sleeping bags are safe and practical. All three options have some significant advantages and disadvantages. Before birth, they felt snugly supported in a compact space.

    They jerk their limbs outwards and inwards. Swaddling a baby snugly in a breathable, lightweight blanket can recreate the feeling of support from the womb and calm your baby down, allowing her to fall into a deeper sleep.

    Swaddle blankets are usually thin and specially-shaped. Not all babies love swaddling. If it makes your baby feel safe, it will only work for a few months. They come in a huge range of designs, sizes and thickness for the optimal thermal environment. The only hassle is getting the temperature right. Make sure you purchase the right size — there should be at least six centimetres between his toes and the bottom seam of the bag.

    I found it more difficult to find a good feeding position with it on and it made the multiple nappy changes harder. Later on, putting on the sleeping bag became an important part of our bedtime routine.

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  • Blankets Because lightweight cellular blankets are easy to layer, using them in your cot can be much more cost-effective than purchasing several seasonal sleeping bags. This will reduce the risk of her moving down during sleep and getting lost underneath the bedding.

    You could wear his blanket around your shoulders for a half hour before putting him to sleep. Pyjamas are usually one-piece cotton suits with long sleeves and press studs or a zip for easy access.

    Body temperature has a huge influence on sleep quality and safety, which is why understanding this system and choosing the right sleeping bag for your baby is important. The lightest sleeping bags are rated 0. Should temperatures in the bedroom fall below 18 degrees consistently, a 3.

    You can complement sleeping bags with either short-sleeved or long sleeved onesies or full-body pyjamas, depending on the chill factor. Transitioning to a Toddler Bed At some point between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, it is time to transition your baby to a normal bed. One day or night, your baby will start trying to climb out of his cot. Families also make the transition when the baby cot is needed for a younger sibling.

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  • Whatever the occasion, keep in mind it will take some getting used to and might be met with resistance. There are ways to make transitioning to a toddler bed a positive experience. You could let your toddler choose new bedding in their favourite colour or superhero design. Your little one can have a say in how the space around the bed gets decorated. Or, you could celebrate with a special meal or party and invite some guests.

    What Worked for Your Family? Did your baby snooze best in a sleeping sack or nod off in a nest? And how did you make the transition from cot to bed?

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    Leave a comment and let us know your tips and tricks for successful slumber.



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