baby cot bed ebay uk Baby cot bed ebay uk
There was no interlining. Some require a fair bit of re-assembly to use as a standalone crib and are less than portable. With a mesh wall for easy access adjustable height settings, this is suitable from birth to six months.

I use almost everyday. Only this week I have bought a huge coke fridge for myself, some excellent coffee beans, an iPhone super charger - last month I even bought a double bed! However, where a baby mattress is concerned, is it really worth saving a few pounds, not knowing what your baby will be sleeping on? I am in the business of manufacturing and selling baby mattresses.

Is the bedside crib mattress a standard size and shape? Room Thermometer — It is recommended that you keep babies room at 18 c.

I sell them all over the world to shops, consumers, supermarkets - I even sell them on Ebay and Amazon myself. Well, I was shocked to say the least. We are manufacturers and could not even sell this mattress at that price even to a client who ordered 1, units at a time. So - I bought one The mattress was delivered to me only three days later which was excellent as I only paid for standard delivery.

I unpacked the mattress in my living room and was straight away overwhelmed by a very stong smell of chemicals. Of course I knew straight away what it was.

The smell is from chemicals such as melamine. It passes most of the British Standards.

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The foam used is a regular domestic furnishing foam - absolutely full of awful fire retardants that stink - barium, antimony, phosphorous - to name a few. The mattress can only be used on one side - the reverse side was a simple lining fabric.

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  • This is a huge part of British Standards! There was no comfort zone of wadding.

    baby cot bed ebay uk Baby cot bed ebay uk

    There were no bound edges on the seams. There was no waterproof protection. There was no interlining. It would be almost impossible for a customer to refit the mattress cover if it was ever removed for washing.

    Worst of all, the chemical smell lingered in my lounge for more than five days before I took the mattress to our offices. We only make baby safe mattresses.

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  • Ask what chemicals are in the foam in the mattress and if it conforms to British Standards. Do you really want your child to sleep on chemicals such as arsenic, lead or phosphorous? Call us office hours T:



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