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How to clean a cot Babies sleep patterns Babies can have wildly different sleep patterns, some sleeping all the way through the night in regular routines to the complete opposite of sleep being unpredictable and random.

Being too hot or too cold Managing the temperature of your baby can be tricky, especially given that if a baby is too warm or too hot they will be in distress. You need to avoid entirely synthetic materials where ever possible.

These are usually found with cheaper synthetic mattresses and especially foam cot mattresses. If they were a natural fibre they would be shouting about it!

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  • Natural fibre cot mattresses Natural fibres are beyond a doubt superior to their synthetic man-made equivalents.

    Sadly the majority of cot mattresses are nearly entirely synthetic meaning that they are slow to wick moisture, heat retentive and made of a whole set of chemicals and compounds not ideal for young delicate babies.

    They are, however, incredibly cheap, surprising given the high cost of some established retailers synthetic cot mattresses! Natural wool We have already covered in detail here how to find natural fibres in a mattress and work out the GSM which can be read here.

    The wool in this blend will have zero positive impact. It will still be a synthetic fibre. Shocking we know, but the majority of natural fibres are blended with polyester.

    What you need to look out for is the GSM listed in your cot mattress and if the natural fibre is blended. If it is blended you need to know the percentage blend and what else it is blended with.

    Cot mattress support The cot mattress also needs to be able to accommodate a range of sleeping weights, pressure, turning and movement. As your baby grows the mattress needs to be able to support the increase in weight and be progressive enough i. A foam or even recycled polyester air flow pad is the slowest of all mattress materials taking the longest to return to its original shape. This means that your baby can end up resting in the same position struggling to turn and move during the night leading to discomfort or irritation.

    Natural coir that is coated with a latex spray is the most responsive and progressive of all cot mattress materials. It acts as an insulating support unit for the coconut. When cleaned and carded into a pad a layer of latex sprayed over it gives it, even more, flexibility and support.

    Open coil springs are the least suitable for cot mattresses as they are not progressive enough compared to coir or pocket springs.

    They are sluggish and when your baby moves one part of their body the entire spring unit reacts, like a massive amplifier. Pocket springs react individually and are much more suitable, they can react to micro adjustments much more easily.

    If you see the words, continuous coil, or miracoil on your baby cot mattress this means open coil. If not babies can suffer from neck sweats, where the head indents too far into the cot mattress and starts to over heat.

    This causes sweats which upset and distress the baby but also can transfer into the mattress making it damp and softening it over time. This is why we would always argue against a synthetic mattress, i. The great thing about coir is that if any moisture occurs it is high wicking and resistant to salt water.

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    Meaning it will dry quicker and not be damaged by sweat or other bodily fluids, unlike the slow to dry synthetic alternatives. Our John Ryan By Design Cot mattress is suitable for a baby or young child up to around 16kg in weight or years of age. After that, you will need to look at a conventional mattress or equivalent. Please call us in for further help on the move between a cot mattress and regular mattress.

    Hypoallergenic cot mattresses New parents are right to be concerned about dust, allergies and contaminants in their babies mattresses. Infants lungs are still developing so you want to reduce the chance of any dust, toxins or off-gassing from affecting your newborn.

    She was never going to be saved, it was obvious, the doctors said 'You knew before you brought her in she was gone'. Natural fibres are more breathable than their synthetic and foam based counterparts.

    Natural fibres such as lambswool are naturally hypoallergenic as is coir and latex. However, allergies and dust cannot be completely eradicated so maintenance is key to reducing this.

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  • The main issue with allergies is when cot covers and sleeping blankets are not adequately cleaned on a degree wash. This is when dead skin, dust from the environment or other contaminants can make a home in your babies cot. Natural fibres are more breathable than their synthetic and foam based counterparts. This helps to reduce mould spores and allergens from nesting in your babies cot. Whilst a cot mattress maybe hypoallergenic once it is out of the packaging this level allergy reduction will entirely depend on the cleaning and maintenance undertaken by parents.

    We would advise you put more thought into the actual materials than whether they are labelled as hypoallergenic as even polyester can be labelled as allergen free! Cot mattress covers The cover of the cot mattress is of utmost importance as this is the one barrier between any accidents and the mattress.

    Most parents go for the waterproof cover as this is the most practical. These will be directly in contact with the baby so they get the benefit of natural fibres without any little accidents from ruining your new cot mattress. Our cot mattress is supplied with two pinsonic microfibre covers and an internal water resistant hair proof cover.

    baby cot Baby cot

    We supply two covers so you can replace it immediately after any accidents or spills and not have to wait to wash and dry the cover before remaking the cot for your child. We know how convenience is a priority when you have children! What is a pinsonic mattress cover? A pinsonic quilted cover is where a material is heat-bonded together instead of being stitched.

    This can be done in an unlimited array of patterns and prints and to the naked eye looks like it has been quilt stitched.

    baby cot Baby cot

    This is also known as fuse-bonding and has the advantage of giving the look of a quilt but without any stitching that babies nails and fingers can get caught in because it is sonically heat bonded very quickly. How to choose a cot mattress There are three main criteria you should focus on when choosing a new cot mattress for a baby or infant.

    By comparing cot mattress models against these three criteria, you should be able to sift the good from the bad. Avoiding some of the models that cause endless issues with infant and baby sleepers.



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