large baby cot Large baby cot

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  • Thinkstock Babble participates in affiliate commission programs, including with Amazon, which means that we receive a share of revenue from purchases you make from the links on this page. I have been busy over the past few months getting the house ready for a new baby. With just over a month left until baby boy comes into the world, we have finished all the big purchases and many of the smaller house projects.

    You could even include some new bedding or a new bedtime teddy or comforter. Co-sleeping is not without risks so any decision to do so should be done responsibly to ensure no risk to your newborn baby.

    When our last child was born almost 5 years ago. When our baby was born, we used a small in-bed co-sleeper to facilitate the early weeks of breastfeeding, and as time went on, that crib in our bedroom went unused.

    It was more of a large laundry hamper than a sleep location for our daughter who continued to happily and safely sleep away in our bed.

    We had delayed flights and a terribly slow wait for shuttle to the car rental village and Jeanette took in all in her stride. It has a flattish bottom section with a firm bumper around the edge that cocoons the baby. An important part of establishing good sleeping habits is the sleep environment — where your child sleeps, the kind of crib or bed, the type of mattress, and so on.

    When we were planning what purchases we needed to make for our upcoming baby, we quickly checked crib off the list because we knew that, just like last time, it would go unused. We plan to co-sleep with this baby as we did with our youngest for as long as it makes sense for us which was about three years with our daughter.

    A Floor Bed Image source: Amazon All you need is a baby-proofed room and a mattress, and you can place your infant safely with no blankets or pillows either in their own room on in yours. You have to really make sure the room is baby-proofed, and, as they age, convincing them to stay in bed takes some time.

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    In-Bed Co-Sleeper Image source: You can bed-share without having to worry too much more about rolling over onto the baby, thanks to the hard barrier sides. Moses Basket Image source: Great for small spaces or smaller budgets. Smaller than a traditional crib and much more affordable. Can only be used for about 6 months before baby outgrows the weight guidelines.

    Travel Crib Image source: Light, travel-friendly, and grows well with your child. About as expensive as a traditional crib.

    Much smaller than a traditional crib, can grow with your baby in stages, not as expensive, and it travels well. Bed-Side Co-Sleeper Image source: It makes it so much closer to bed-sharing without them being in your actual mattress. You can reach the baby for easy and quick feeds.

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  • Can only be used for about 5 months before the baby outgrows it. Cardboard Box Image source: Can be easily replaced if broken or damaged.

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  • Bed Share Image source: You can even combine it into the floor bed mentioned before. There is no cost other than your own bed, which you likely already have.

    large baby cot Large baby cot

    Great for smaller spaces and lighter budgets.



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