kiddicare jessica cot bed instructions Kiddicare jessica cot bed instructions

She does absolutely nothing to make it happen — but it happens. If properly placed and encouraged, she crawls and bobbles her way to the breast for her first meal outside the womb. There is nothing that anyone gives her in the way of instruction — A natural GPS??

Within minutes of being born, she releases her anal sphincters, and out comes her first stool, or she pees. How does she do that without a chart of how to perform timely bodily functions?

What did she do to learn to fall asleep? Who taught her to awaken?

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How did she know she was hungry? Fast forward to when she is a teenager.

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  • Her body changes with nothing but internal hormonal secretions to act as catalysts — she becomes a woman. The power of nothing is, and has been, alive in her human experience in so many ways, and she has mastered many functions with nothing but instinct to guide her. Nothing has to teach her that she is experiencing her first love. She instinctively knows it and feels it.

    Totsbots and Natural Baby Shower have collaborated to offer parents the opportunity to trial real-nappies with an exclusive re-usable nappy kit. They will teach and guide her along each step of the way.

    And when the time is right, there is nothing she has to study to learn how to express that love physically. But enter the miracle of pregnancy, and all of a sudden, her previous trust, power, and confidence crumbles. She is now taught that her body is incapable of leading her through what should be a perfectly magical time.

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    She must now be carefully taught how to nurture her pregnant body and her baby and ultimately how to give birth.

    She is further taught that her trust and dependence is best placed outside of her own abilities and externally placed into the hands of others — strangers, trained and practiced experts, who know better than she.

    She needs them now to efficiently and conveniently manage her birth.

    kiddicare jessica cot bed instructions Kiddicare jessica cot bed instructions

    They will teach and guide her along each step of the way. She learns that she is inadequate and almost irrelevant to her own birthing experience. For the woman who senses this as a disconnect, there are two options.

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  • When we teach them otherwise — how to do, and when to do, and how often to do — we confuse the inner consciousness, which controls instinct. Instinct no longer can function — we have stifled the natural function with the clutter of confused, panicked mind talk.

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  • We strip it of the internal knowing, and then we turn to drugs as an external means of forcing the body to do what it used to know how to do. We know that drugs inhibit the bonding experience at birth, and mind talk also inhibits bodily function.

    Instead of achieving the objective, we confuse the body and it abdicates. My question to all is: How dare we presume to think that we can manipulate and redesign and introduce confusion into the experience with our own special outlines, instructions and techniques? How dare we mess with what is already perfectly created? When we distribute charts and lists and lessons, filled with exercises and positions and advice,in effect,we are telling our parents that they need to do more and they need to do it this or that way at particular times.

    They are afraid they will forget what we carefully instilled. We have to put aside our own egos and our need to be a relevant factor in their birthing.

    kiddicare jessica cot bed instructions Kiddicare jessica cot bed instructions

    When we no longer feel that we have to talk about how shocked and surprised the caregivers are, we will have begun to make progress.



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