tesco direct cot bed pillow Tesco direct cot bed pillow

Call today Jean 20th January at 5: The first one we only had for 2 months, the settlement was so bad, we were sleeping in a hollow with a big lump down the middle.

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  • It was very uncomfortable. We had our previous Vispring for 20 years before it needed replacing. I should have mentioned which mattress we have currently, it is a Herald Supreme Kingsize medium and we are 11st and 10st 7lbs respectively.

    Hi Jean, for the benefit of other readers it will be important to point out that Vi-Spring are deemed to be the premier mattress manufacturer in this country. They are also the only major manufacturer who will detail the components used in their mattresses by weight.

    That said, they also have a moral duty to stand by their reputation and in all cases of customer dissatisfaction have an obligation to do the right thing. After all, you purchased this mattress based on the performance of your 20 previous years of Vi-Spring luxury — so what has happened? However, you have also bought a mattress based on Vi-Springs reputation for quality.

    Looking at the fillings used for the primary and supportive layers [primarily wool and cotton] they [will] compress over time. I personally would have thought that measures would have been taken to reduce the ocurrance bearing in mind that it is manufactured by a company of worth and generations of experience.

    And this is what makes me think that it was probably your choice of comfort level [medium] that could be a candidate for your complaint. Taking into account the length of spring, mattress depth and fillings weight as best I can, the tensioning of the tufts would have been less taut than say on the firmer option. In contrast, making the tuft strand shorter the fillings will be compressed further [thereby creating a firmer tension because there is little room left for any movement whatsoever] and so settlement would only start to occur slowly and naturally with time and age.

    Finally, bear in mind that this mattress has a lifetime guarantee. It really is unlikely that the components have failed and so the only other conclusion would be a manufacture fault — either through design or assembly. Please let me know how you get on and what the reasons for the indents actually were. John Jean 23rd January at 7: The first mattress was a Regal Supreme, and the guys who came to take it away could not believe that it would not even stand up against the wall, it just sagged down to the floor.

    So on visiting the Vispring factory, and being told that in general the Regal was softer, they suggested a Herald, which is what we had before.

    My husband, who likes a firmer bed in general, was convinced by the technicians that at our weight, we did not need a firm construction, only a medium. So it was decided that the replacement would be a herald Supreme Medium. We have turned it regularly both end for end and right over. Both sides show that the ticking is wrinkled and there are big indents where our bodies have been.

    Sorry, I should also add that even after 6 hours out of the bed, if you go back and take the linen off, the ticking is still wrinkled and the body shapes are still there. We have a person from Ecomaster visiting next week — probably the same guy who came last time and we will see what he says. I will come back when I know. Hi Jean, since your last comment we have heard of a similar experience from another reader. Please let us know how this pans out and we will be able to put you in touch with each other.

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  • Jean 26th January at 1: The Vispring factory is only about 10 miles from here and we intend to visit again once the independent person has been. Hi Jean, It was also a Vi-Spring. I will pass your details on. Jean 4th February at 2: Will keep you posted.

    And so, because of this simple lack of vital information you and I cannot say with any degree of certainty why the problem occurred. Ryan and I give a guarantee to all our customers that we will collect and refund in full if they are not happy with any of our products thay have bought. But the deaths in the US involved babies who rolled from their sides onto their fronts before they stopped breathing, the FDA has said.

    This will be interesting to see how it pans out. Jean 10th February at So that means that mattresses a year are rubbish?

    We are going to visit a shop that has a firm mattress available to view, although personally I doubt you can tell anything about a mattress by spending 10 minutes on it! Our first Vispring lasted 20 years was firm one side and medium the other. So we are no wiser as to what was wrong with it, the only thing the factory tell us is that they are changing the wool they were using to something different.

    Claire 19th February at 2: If a mattress is guaranteed for years then 22mm every 4 months makes for a very uncomfortable mattress! If someone had told me when I bought the mattress that it would start to sag then I would not have continued with the purchase. I suffer from back pain and this mattress has made it worse. We had a cheap Ikea mattress that lasted 8 years and just became less supportive, it certainly never felt like I was sleeping in a hole! Not giving up yet though! Will let you know how I get on.

    Hi Claire, thanks for sharing this. Ryan and I have absolute empathy with your situation and unfortunately there is no simple remedy. Ryan and I give a guarantee to all our customers that we will collect and refund in full if they are not happy with any of our products thay have bought.

    We are not a big company — just the two of us, but ethically and morally we believe it is the right way to carry out our business and ensure our customers keep coming back to us.

    tesco direct cot bed pillow Tesco direct cot bed pillow

    There should be no need whatsoever for any mattress retailer to involve third parties, if our customers say there is something wrong or they are not happy, then that is good enough for us and it becomes absolute priority that amends are made — at our expense and not our customers.

    In order for us to do this we have to ensure as best as posible that the products we sell will not develop faults months down the line — hence one of many reasons why we do not sell Memory Foam mattresses — or indeed numerous other models that we ourselves do not have faith in.

    If the big companies did this and spent more time on researching and detailing the quality of products rather than patronising advertising then incidents such as yours would become relatively rare. So what can be done? Until consumers start to question what is actually INSIDE the mattress by weight and quality then unfortunately complaints such as yours will continue.

    In your case, do you actually know the depth and density of memory foam the main component used as the top layer? After all, it was on this component that most of your money went. And so, because of this simple lack of vital information you and I cannot say with any degree of certainty why the problem occurred. Sorry for the extended reply on this comment. My blood boils because indirectly Ryan and I will be tarred with the same brush. We too will not be giving up either.

    Jean 17th March at 8: My husband loves it. For me, it is a little hard, but a feather topper makes all the difference. Only had it a week, but seems a lot better. Hi Jean, glad to hear all turned out well. As these comments are placed in date order new readers will find the full story by reading from the bottom upwards!

    One significant point to note is that even on a mattress from a premier manufacturer Vi-Spring you have had to adjust the comfort level with a topper. This is no bad thing and should be considered acceptable on all mattresses. Ryan and I always advocate that you should select a relatively firmer mattress than you would have normally chosen and tweak it to your desired comfort level by use of a good quality topper.

    In years to come your mattress should still be like new and the expense of a new topper now and again is far less than the expense of a new mattress. Conversely, the softer tension on a mattress means that the fillings have been kept loose and you sink into said mattress and so indents will appear more readily. So how do you compromise? Do exactly what Jean has done and use a topper to tweak the comfort level for an initial period of a year or so.

    You will be getting the right support and the right comfort from day one and in the coming years your mattress will be breaking in slowly and naturally. It has to be said that this short reponse is not the ultimate in answers to inhibit settlement and indents but does go a long way in explaining why and how it happens. Please add further comments or arguments if you want to discuss further. Jean 27th March at 8: Yes, the topper makes all the difference, to both of us and hopefully this bed will last us nearly as long as our first from this company 20 years but by then, we will both be too old to care — many thanks.

    Jean Simon Cockerill 28th March at Bum just sinks has no support, if you turn its like sleeping on a hill or in a hole. How are you meant to turn these mattresses with a bad back as they weigh a ton.

    Hi Simon, sorry to hear this and unfortunately it is a recurring theme hence the reason why I started this particular post. You then find yourself sleeping directly on the spring unit albeit for a flattened no longer soft layer of wool or whatever.

    However, adding additional layers will make the mattress relatively firmer, and firmer still when the primary layers become greater — each being able to compliment the ones above, as well as below to aid longevity and of course minimise premature settlement. Another thing to bear in mind is that high end mattress manufacturers stow great store in the actual spring technology utilised in their mattresses.

    tesco direct cot bed pillow Tesco direct cot bed pillow

    If there was umpteen layers of wadding in the mattress then how would you benefit from the spring unit which in most cases is the only thing that differentiates the manufacturers of equal standing. There is no easy answer Simon, Ryan and I advocate the theory that your mattress should be tweaked by use of a topper to suit your persoanl comfort level and the mattress should be supportive enough for your individual bodyweight.

    The wear pattern will also be on the topper keeping your mattress as new for many, many years. For all readers, I am aware that this response has so many conflicting arguments [for and against] that it seems to me rather inadequate.

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    In order for me to address this particular concern with more clarification please add your individual comments and questions. Jean 31st March at 9: Why did our first Vi-spring mattress not suffer from these problems. Bought in , lasted over 20 years, was comfortable from day one and never had indentations.

    What are they doing differently? Hi Jean, Without seeing or knowing what was inside your old mattress we cannot say for cerrtain.



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