cot bed quilt size uk Cot bed quilt size uk

Mark 5in squares on your fabric by drawing round the template and cut out 77 squares. Lay the squares out in seven rows of 11 squares, and rearrange until you have a pleasing arrangement of colours. Tack seams if you are not a confident machine-stitcher.

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  • To join top row of squares, place the first two squares right sides together. Open out and join on the next square in the same way see diagram , then repeat to complete the row. Repeat on each of the remaining rows. Press seams open flat and lay out quilt again.

    Open out and join on the next square in the same way see diagram , then repeat to complete the row. Flat sheet or top sheet The flat sheet is tucked in around the mattress over the fitted sheet with the fourth side, at the head of the bed, undone.

    Place the top two strips right sides facing and pin, placing pins at seam intersections to ensure a perfect match. Repeat to join all strips diagram overleaf. Remove all tacking and press seams open flat. Measure a long side edge of your patchwork it should be approx. Stitch to side edges of quilt and press seams towards borders. Measure across top edge, including borders, and cut two 2in-wide strips to fit.

    cot bed quilt size uk Cot bed quilt size uk

    Attach to top and bottom edges as before. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add an outer border, cutting 3in-wide strips. Press completed quilt top well. Cut wadding and backing fabric to same size as quilt top. Lay wadding out flat, lay patchwork on top, right side up, and pin well in from edge. Place backing fabric on top, right side down, and tack all three layers together down the centre and across the width.

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    Leaving a gap in one side to turn through, machine-stitch round edge. Remove all tacks and pins, turn right side out, and slip stitch opening together to close gap.

    Quilt your finished patchwork as you choose — we machine-stitched around the border edges, then added ties of embroidery thread. To do this, thread a large-eyed needle with two lengths of embroidery cotton use all six strands.

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  • Working from the right side, stab needle down corner of one square, right through backing fabric, and back up through an opposite corner. Tie ends together in a double knot.

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  • If using a hotchpotch of fabrics, wash them all first to avoid uneven shrinkage. How about a patchwork of cut-up denim jeans or tweed jackets, or a memories quilt of baby clothes? Nine 17cm squares will make one side of a cushion cover to fit a 45cm pad, taking 1cm seams.

    For each side of the Oxford-style, flanged cushion, we simply joined four squares.

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