bed cot designs pictures Bed cot designs pictures
bed cot designs pictures Bed cot designs pictures

We spend about one-third of our lives asleep, and if you live for 90 years, 30 years would be spent sleeping. So, the next time you buy a new bed, keep in mind that you will spend a huge amount of your life just lying on this piece of furniture.

If you want to show off, you need something more unusual, and this list of 25 creative bed designs is a good way to start.

Platform beds are also available with storage solution. Ample storage options to keep all the pillows and blankets.

Vertical Bed This bed encases the sleeper in a marshmallow of comfortable cushion while supporting the body in an upright position. Foldable Bed The bed uses fiberglass reinforced plastic tubes that can be telescoped in order to be adaptable to different sizes of the mattress.

The angled frames can be arranged as a space-saving diamond holding together all tubes and the rest of the wooden frames. Nicola From Bern 3. Embrace Lounge Embrace lounge has a hidden, body-shaped curve in it, allowing you to feel the comfort of a warm embrace. Tree Bed With this bed you can feel as though you were sleeping in the forest. Each leaf and tendril is hand-forged and unique. Geometric Bed Bed which looks like it belongs to a art gallery.

Ohm Transformable Bed Ohm is a transformable bed for small spaces.

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  • It becomes in two beds when you separate the structure and at the same time this modules pleat to generate 2 benchs of different forms. Letto Zip Make your daily bed-making chore easier. With this bed you can zip up all the mess and nobody will ever notice. Giant Birdnest Giant Birdsnest bed was dedicated for breeding new ideas. Sonic Bed The Sonic Bed is a purpose built portable venue which plays music that moves for the prone bodies of an audience, who can come lie in the bed alone or together.

    Magnetic Floating Bed Using the power of permanent opposing industrial-strength magnets to enable it to float, the full scale bed can hold kilograms of weight, while a smaller one fifth scale platform can safely hold 80 kilogams.

    It can be taken down when space is needed, moved easily to clean underneath and the chains can be shortened at the back to create an ariel sofa! Yin-Yang Bed Yin is female and yang is male. Enignum Bed This bed embraces and protects, creating a personal environment beyond its function.

    Loft Bed Loft beds look similar to a bunk bed but they contain only one bed frame on the top supported with iron or wooden rods and provide free space beneath the bed frame that can be utilised in different ways. Some storage beds have large drawers on both sides of the frame where you can store bed sheets, covers and accessories in an organised manner.

    The Fluttua bed eliminates everything superfluous to leave more room for thought. The characteristic of the product is its single, height-adjustable central leg and multi-layer base combined with a solid iron structure anchored to the wall. During the day it can be folded up and used as a playmat.

    Yusuke Suzuki link Trix Bed Trix is a modular piece of furniture that features of three cushions of different sizes linked by an elegant system of rubber bands. Trix can moonlight as an ottoman, a day bed a comfortable lounge chair and a welcoming armchair. In one step the itbed can be collapsed into an easily portable bundle making the cardboard bed an ideal solution for guest beds or frequent movers.

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    The zigzag profile of the itbed, reminiscent of a house of cards, is stabilized from head to foot by two lengths of webbing. Giant Brush Bed Bed which looks like giant brush.

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  • In which bed would you like to spend your next night?



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