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  • Oct 27 at 8: Cots have very much become a style statement in the nursery. No longer just a bed for the first years of baby's life, many now transform into larger beds which last much longer and even become other pieces of furniture down the track. When new parents are seeking a cot for their babies, they first look at their budget then think about what style they would like and whether it's important that the cot last through several children or more.

    Our winning brand this year is a long-time favourite over many years in the baby industry, with many parents now with teens having purchased this trusted brand of cot for their first children. Boori Boori incorporates the very best in contemporary trends and classic heritage, drawing on the best influences from around the world.

    It's a trusted brand which creates its products with versatility and longevity of use in mind, to make family life easier and deliver great long term value. Boori has won this category two years in a row, indicating long-term loyalty from our readers. Read what our members love about Boori cot: Easy to drop side and bub will continue to use as a toddler. WA Sleek, simple and stylish. Converts to toddler bed so suitable to 5 years.

    Easy drop down side.

    cot bed ikea Cot bed ikea

    VIC Solid, great quality - lasts through the kids and still looks stylish!! NSW Love that it can be converted into a double bed, it's expensive but will last till they're in primary school! See more of the Grotime range. Read what our members love about Grotime furniture: All in one cot that converts to a daybed then a toddler bed, comes with change table attached that converts to side drawers.

    Drawers are great for hidden storage. NSW Teething guards on railing, easy to drop side, storage drawer can be attached underneath the cot. NSW Easy to assemble, affordable kit which caters from. WA Sturdy, collapsible sides, teething bars, turns into a toddler bed. With twins this means we don't have to pay out another lot of money for bigger beds when they outgrow their cot.

    It's in the worst condition, it's got scuffs and everything and just looks really tatty. We got a length of wood in the same dimensions as the bed frame and cut it down to fix it in the centre of the long opening to form a little column in the middle of the frame. This was perfect because it meant it was completed in that all-important window between feeds.

    Flat pack furniture is affordable, transportable and can be constructed and taken apart easily, making this a favourite cot brand with Essential Baby readers. Read what our members love about IKEA cots: We wanted a cot that was white, simple design and wasn't going to be the feature of the room. Also it was a great price!

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  • NSW Has everything you need without the large price and converts to a toddler bed. NSW Ikea's cot is the best in the business, giving my baby the space to dream, without giving me any stress as a new Mum! VIC This cot is very inexpensive but doesn't look or feel cheap.

    The quality has gotten a lot better over the years and I think IKEA has now developed very good quality flat pack furniture. Tasman Eco Tasman Eco makes a wide range of popular baby furniture. See more of the Tasman Eco range. Read what our members love about Tasman Eco cot: Great quality product, easy to drop down side gate and wood is soft for those inevitable trips in the sleeping bag!

    WA The ends of cot are more solid than basic slats. It is bigger size and mattress is so soft. My bubs just sleeps in it most of time as so comfortable.

    It provides just the level of protection that Twinkle needs, i. They may become a catch hazard which may result in injury to your baby.

    VIC It's big, it's solid, it came with a lifetime warranty. We damaged the drop bar twice my husband had installation issues and they replaced it both times no charge and also helped us set it up when required. Great cot and great company. ACT Beautiful and classic style using real timber that is eco-friendly.

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    It is also sturdy and safe.



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