cot bed teething protector Cot bed teething protector

Mine has wide rails and I would not be able to use the other rails that are available on the market.

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  • First I want to say that there are a couple of reviews on here that said the adhesive tape was not included. I am not saying that that is not true, however, when I first opened the box and took out the gummi rail, I too thought that I was missing the adhesive, until I looked closer.

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    There are in fact 2 adhesive strips about a half inch wide on either side of the rail. They use a clear strip to cover the adhesive, so it is hard to see, but look closely, and you will most likely find it.

    We charge extra for limited editions as these are all sent courier due to their value. This style of cot really is my dream style. I really hope all this is making sense.

    Having experience with a prior baby chewing on the crib rail, I decided to get this before baby was born. I put it on myself, and it really was not a big deal.

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  • I was a little frustrated at first, as the rail protector was coming up as I was putting it on. This makes sense since glue after all, does have a melting point. The following is my recommendation. It helps to remelt the glue so that it is much more sticky when applying.

    This will give the glue time to set. Move to the other side after about 10 minutes and after the following step is used. The cool air will help the melted glue to harden faster. AND make sure you use the Alcohol, as the directions say. This removes all impurities and oils that would prevent the glue from working in the first place. Once I used the method above, it worked perfectly and I wished I would have done it that was from the start.

    I would have been done much faster. See more 10 Average rating: It stuck to the rail but took the paint off. Total waste of money See more 0 0 Average rating: Of course it didn't stop her from trying to chew on the rails, but atleast now when she did, it was something soft that couldn't be swallowed, and she had more fun hearing the squeeky sounds that she could make with her mouth rubbing it against the gummies.

    cot bed teething protector Cot bed teething protector

    Not sure how it will go, but I'm assuming it will be as easy to take off as it was to put on. Just make sure when you do put it on, have someone else there to make sure it is straight! I thought I could do it myself and noticed that it was going crooked, tried to fix it seen it was taking paint off and just made sure to straighten what I could out.



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