double cot bed below 10000 Double cot bed below 10000

Sure, memory foam and other types of mattress are popular, but most of us stick to what we know. But that decision still needs narrowing down from a vast number of pocket spring mattresses on the market. You've got two options: Pick one from our recommended list Learn how to spot a quality mattress and then search one out for yourself.

Some of the best mattresses have won awards OK, awards don't mean everything. However, if you're interested then the pocket spring mattress manufacturers which have won awards from the National Bed Federation in recent years have included: The best mattresses are usually the most expensive ones We all love a bargain, but the RRP doesn't mean much Well, derrrrr Bear with me and let me explain what I mean.

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  • Everyone loves to feel they are getting a bargain, but broadly speaking you get what you pay for with a mattress. The best mattresses have at least springs Very cheap pocket spring mattresses try to get away with springs.

    double cot bed below 10000 Double cot bed below 10000

    If you don't weigh a lot then should provide plenty of support, but if your idea of a balanced diet is a pie in each hand then you will probably want something closer to springs. This very good quality mattress from John Lewis has springs, but most of them are very small springs to provide a bit of extra support rather than full size pocket springs. Most of the best mattresses are hand tufted Take a look at the top of a mattress and it will either by quilted completely flat or hand tufted bumpy with buttons holding it all in place.

    The very best quality pocket spring mattresses are nearly always hand tufted.

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  • Now, before I get angry emails from quilted mattress sellers, it's worth saying that there are many high quality quilted mattresses and we recommended several in our guide to 10 of the best mattresses on the market. My point though is that brands like Hypnos the Royal Family's mattress maker , Vispring and Burgess Beds make mostly hand tufted mattresses and they all offer mattresses which cost more than my first car. I've also read compelling arguments of why hand tufted mattresses are better and more stable, but I won't bore you with excessive detail.

    On the down side, bear in mind that hand tufted mattresses need turning regularly whilst many quilted mattresses are no turn. Not turning your mattress is convenient I need two weeks of physio every time I turn our huge mattress but most people say that a mattress that you flip over will flipping well last longer.

    The modern timber look of the Love N Care cot is maintained from bassinet, cot and junior bed cot pictured Junior bed: The headboard is equipped with a cushioned back which gives comfortable sitting. Comes with 2 bassinets, 2 toddler seat and adapters for car chairs.

    A no turn mattress may be a necessity of having a high quality comfort topper on the mattress The best mattresses have hand side stitching Honestly, my attempts to turn mattress seller jargon into something in plain English had me scratching my head many times. I won't bore you with the details, but the summary is that something called 'Hand Side Stitching' is a sign of quality, whereas 'Machine Side Stitching' isn't so good.

    It's to do with how much support your bed offers at the edges and there are two ways to work out what a particular mattress offers.

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  • The first option is to visit your local bed shop and start sitting on the sides of all their pocket spring mattresses. Cheap mattresses bulge out at the side whilst the best mattresses won't.

    double cot bed below 10000 Double cot bed below 10000

    I can't help feeling you might get thrown out of Dreams if you turn up with a tape measure and start measure the size of their bulges, but hey John Lewis is a shining example of a retailer which clearly describes how their mattresses are made. As a general rule, if a company doesn't say that a mattress is Hand Side Stitched then it probably isn't, as it is something you would shout about. In the same way that you might assume that your local greasy kebab takeaway probably isn't selling organic, free range meat, unless it makes a point of saying it is.

    The best mattresses have a woven cover Here's another question which baffled me: Which is the best material for a mattress cover? I read so many guides about Belgian damask whatevers and woven fabric thingyamajigs and I was still confused.

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    Here's the summary to save you the dull journey I went on: Don't buy a bed with a stitch bond cover. They are rough and unpleasant and are the kind of thing you'd see on a children's mattress at your local tip.

    This is partnered with The Imperial divan base. Contact for Price Published in:

    There's also a huge range of mattress covers with silly names which sound like they were thought up by throwing scientific names into a hat and pulling out a handful. It's hard to sift the genuine scientific developments from the pseudo-science waffle on this one, so I would be cautious about buying a mattress just because it had a long name.



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