sleigh cot bed toys r us Sleigh cot bed toys r us

It features adorable Jungle Friends engraving on the end of the bed and converts from a cotbed to a toddler bed. Classic engraving features cute elephant and giraffe characters.

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  • This cot bed offers extra value for money with an underbed storage drawer included in the price. As part of a co-ordinating furniture and nursery bedding range, Babies 'R Us offer outstanding Bundle Deals.

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  • Would you recommend this to other mums? I absolutely love this cot bed! It is very easy to build, comes at a very reasonable price, looks very pretty in a baby's room and the little drawings on it adds a little something that makes it stand out from the other cot beds on the market! The additional drawer at the bottom is also very practical.

    How did this product make your life easier? This cot bed makes the parents' life easier in that you only purchase one item knowing your toddler will be able to use it for a very long time. You know the transition from a cot to a bed will be easy since your little one stays in the same bed.

    The great storage space underneath the cot bed is also very good. Would you choose this product to win? I have not seen a cot bed which comes at that price whilst being so pretty and practical at the same time! It is cheap, comes with a massive storage space at the bottom and changes easily from a cot into a bed! I totally love it! What changes would you make to this product? I would not change anything about this cot.

    It really ticks all the boxes in that it is pretty, so fun, elegant, and easy to build. Its design was made for kids with the lovely drawings on it. I would recommend this cot bed to someone else because it is a very pretty design and looks very clean and modern. The colour and design would suit either a boy or a girl nursery. The cot bed is sturdy and the drawer that fits underneath is plenty big enough and also gives the impression of a solid bed when you look at it from the side.

    This particular cot bed would make my life easier as a mum because it is not terribly expensive and yet looks good quality. I would be happy to use this for my baby and as a bed as they grow because it still looks just as smart as a junior bed. I think the the drawer that fits under the cot bed is the deal breaker for me as it would be so useful for handy storage in the nursery.

    I really like the pretty picture on the cot bed and the neutral theme. The cot bed is good value for money and would last you a long time. The underneath slide out drawer on casters is the stand out feature for me and think this is great as often the baby's room is the smallest room in the house as storage is often a premium. I personally cannot think of any improvement to this cot bed as for me, it is perfect. If I had to think of an improvement, then maybe have the pretty picture on both ends so you could have it inside the cot and outside at the end too.

    It is cheap, comes with a massive storage space at the bottom and changes easily from a cot into a bed! The best advice that we can give for determining quality, it to read reviews and also stick to the brands that you can trust. The manager was completely unprofessional,rude, defensive ,aggressive, obstinate and the worst style of management i have ever come across to say the least.

    There is a lot to like about this cot. It was very straightforward to put together and was very sturdy when built.

    sleigh cot bed toys r us Sleigh cot bed toys r us

    It looks good and the storage facility under the bed is very welcome and is a good use of the space. The animal prints are a nice touch and the item feel like it is warm and a cosy bed for a baby. The easy in which it was put together was very welcome. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow meaning it was all done in under 30 minutes. The fact the cot can be easily changed into a bed is useful and means it can be used for a number of years as baby grows to a toddler.

    The bed is reasonably lightweight so it is easy to move if needed. The item represents good value for money. It looks great and will last for a number of years as baby grows and moves from a cot to a bed. I would purchase this item and know that it is a sound investment. I am not sure if this is possible but adjusting the height of the cot position is tricky. It certainly requires two people to make the change and if a mechanism could be added to make this simpler that would be great.

    Other than that I don't think there is anything else that I would change about this item. I'd recommend it to anybody and everybody! It's a beautiful looking bed, obviously neutral in colour and would go well in any nursery. Coated so it would easily wipe clean, and am assuming it would be quite easy to keep clean.

    The underbed storage is perfect. The drawer is spacious and obviously doesn't take up any more room than the cot so is space saving. Wouldn't say if it would make my life easier but it certainly makes the nursery tidier and less cluttered.

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    I love the aesthetics of this cot. The cute jungle drawings, the clean white look of it. The underbed storage is the standout part of this though. All in all I think this cot is a beautiful addition for any nursery.

    Possibly the addition or option to add a lightweight changing table to it would be an idea.

    sleigh cot bed toys r us Sleigh cot bed toys r us

    The fact it has underbed storage shows that it's a space saving cot, so to add a changer would save even more room.



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